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Project Description
This is Open Source Finance project made in C#. It has resuable components like Accounting , Invoicing Purchase etc. This is a initative taken by to create reusable components for Finance domain.

Developers on this project : Guru :- , Taha :- , Shivprasad Koirala :-

In case of issues please call india support number :- Mr Taha :- +91 - 9004455867

Its easy to start
Step 1 :- Download the latest patch from

Step 2 :- Open FinanceSolution.sln file from the solutions folder

Step 3 :- Install enterprise application blocks from

Step 4 :- Ensure that the data connection string is pointed to the database i.e. Finance.mdf which is located in the database directory.

Step 5 :- You are all set create the journal object and do the accounting transaction as shown in the below code.

// Create the journal object
IJournal iObjJournal = FJournal.Journal();

// Set receipt number , description and journal date of your journal
iObjJournal.ReceiptNumber = "1001";
iObjJournal.Description = "This is test journal entry";
iObjJournal.JournalDate = Convert.ToDateTime("1/1/2010");

// Enter debit and credit transactions using chart of accounts
iObjJournal.addTransaction(100, 1, 10010);
iObjJournal.addTransaction(100, 0, 10011);

// Finally add the journals to database

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